Fifth Element

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  • Standard Home Features
  • Energy-Saving Features
  • Mortgage Financing

Fifth Element Features At A Glance

  • Customize our plans or use your own
  • 5' wide sidewalks throughout the tract on every street
  • No Homeowners Association or fees
  • No Flood Insurance requirements
  • Solar water heaters in every home
  • Photovoltaic available in every home
  • Room for RV Parking Booth
  • Elementary and Middle Schools within 1-1/2 miles
  • Walking distance to Simkins Park
  • 1 mile from a fire station
  • Tile Roof on every home
  • Energy saving dua- pane windows
  • 2x6 walls with R-19 insulation
  • Radiant Barrier roof sheathing
  • Landscaped front yards
  • Rural fencing in the backyard
  • Public Sewer & water


Energy Saving Features

Falcon is designed with plenty of energy saving features:

  • Solar water heaters in every home
  • Photovoltic available in every home
  • Enery saving dual-pane windows
  • 2x6 walls with R-19 insulation
  • Radiant Barrier roof sheathing

As with other North Canyon Home models, Fifth makes use of Southern Nevada's natural resources. It's close proximity makes Pahrump Valley the gateway to Death Valley, making sunshine abundant. Even so, Southern Nevada Winters can get vert cold. Falcon makes use of modern construction techniques to maximize the efficiency of its HVAC system.


Mortgage Financing

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